I just want the pain to stop. I want the unnecessary pain inflicted on every corner of this earth to stop. You see the burning sensation I feel inside is not self hurt. I am on the verge of bursting into a million pieces because all I see is pain and suffering world wide. Children being robbed of the bright light that once use to shine from their eyes. Killing of innocent women and children. People being chased out of their countries and homes all because greed and power has spread through the veins of those that oppress us. When we going looking for humanity in times of need it is no where to be found! Why?!?! Why are people not allowed even some of their simplest human rights?!?! what makes some more privileged than others?! Money?! I say to hell with the money and power!!!! I’m tired of just sitting around and watching those suffering. I’m tired of saying I want to help make a difference and not taking a step forward! Yes donating and supporting is great, but we need to get our hands dirty we need to help pick up the pieces when those that have fallen and can’t get back up. We need to be able to work hand in hand. Saying we want to do something compared to actually performing the task at hand are 2 completely different things. We need to be that ray of hope that there is some sort of humanity left on this earth.

Power of Love


The source that keeps our hearts beating and our minds racing. It has the ability to fuel the world with enough peace for lifetimes to come.

Once it infects our hearts and  creeps through our veins, you can’t stop it! It’s too late!!! A warmth over comes your body and make you feel all good inside. It’s a feeling that is familiar, but can sometimes be faint. When it rears its head around the corner all you want it to do is stay. So you open your heart wide enough and allow it to come in just so you can hold on tight. You grasp on with all your might praying it won’t slip out of your hands. But once the feeling has reached to your finger tips and toes it’s locked in forever. You feel it in your gut!!

That feeling resides in your soul and becomes infectious!! Your aura grows bigger an brighter. It transmits from your soul and touches the hearts of others. It begins a chain reaction you never would have fathomed. It spreads across the earth in one swift motion.

The power of love can light up the whole world even on the darkest of nights.

Blank Canvas

We are in a constant search for something bigger than ourselves, a purpose, something that will give our lives meaning. A meaning more great than the world has ever known. We struggle to find the one thing that sets us apart from the rest, but don’t really know why. Why is we feel the need to fill the void within our hearts so badly? What is it that you are missing so badly you can not live without? What extravagantly catastrophic event is suppose to occur in order for one to be happy? What is the true meaning of love?

The question will always go back to WHAT? What do we want?

The truth is it is up to us to decide who we want to be. When we were born, we were born a blank canvas, a book with blank pages. As we grow older each year we hold the pen that will allow us to write our story. We can choose to be the hero, the outcast, the comedian, the villain, the peacemaker, or the lover. The options are endless and the world is at our feet, the doors that are said to be closed are actually open. Once God lifts the veil that covers our eyes then we will be able to see the infinite possibilities. What we fail to realize is that we have the capacity to rewrite the wrongs we have made and fix them. This world is only temporary and may vanish at any moment or any given time.

God has given us the free will to  be the author of our lives. What will your story look like and who will you choose to be?

Holy Land

Take me back to the place I call home and where my heart belongs. Take me to the place where not only our ancestors have walked, but Holy Prophets themselves have treaded leaving bits of history only one could imagine to experience. I wait for the day to see you liberated and freed from those that oppress you. For them to tremble and fall, praying to God to forgive their souls for he is the only one that may save them. There is no mercy for the likes of them. For they have no souls or an ounce of remorse for all that they do and the lives that they take. They are robots programmed from birth to hate all those that live and breath for the sake of the Holy land; that will one day be freed. It is a land filled with warriors that live like each day is their last, I wish to be a warrior just like them and fight for the sake of my country. I wish to comofort each child that has lost their parents from a bomb or bullet to the head. I wish to reassure each widowed spouse that there loved one is in a better place, died a shaheid (one of the most honored deaths.) I wish to be graced with such honor to stand with my people and die along side them fighting for the cause. Although, many have been forbidden to return  they carry a piece of the Holy land where ever they go. They are Palestine just as I am deep down inside…