Holy Land

Take me back to the place I call home and where my heart belongs. Take me to the place where not only our ancestors have walked, but Holy Prophets themselves have treaded leaving bits of history only one could imagine to experience. I wait for the day to see you liberated and freed from those that oppress you. For them to tremble and fall, praying to God to forgive their souls for he is the only one that may save them. There is no mercy for the likes of them. For they have no souls or an ounce of remorse for all that they do and the lives that they take. They are robots programmed from birth to hate all those that live and breath for the sake of the Holy land; that will one day be freed. It is a land filled with warriors that live like each day is their last, I wish to be a warrior just like them and fight for the sake of my country. I wish to comofort each child that has lost their parents from a bomb or bullet to the head. I wish to reassure each widowed spouse that there loved one is in a better place, died a shaheid (one of the most honored deaths.) I wish to be graced with such honor to stand with my people and die along side them fighting for the cause. Although, many have been forbidden to return  they carry a piece of the Holy land where ever they go. They are Palestine just as I am deep down inside…

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