Power of Love


The source that keeps our hearts beating and our minds racing. It has the ability to fuel the world with enough peace for lifetimes to come.

Once it infects our hearts and  creeps through our veins, you can’t stop it! It’s too late!!! A warmth over comes your body and make you feel all good inside. It’s a feeling that is familiar, but can sometimes be faint. When it rears its head around the corner all you want it to do is stay. So you open your heart wide enough and allow it to come in just so you can hold on tight. You grasp on with all your might praying it won’t slip out of your hands. But once the feeling has reached to your finger tips and toes it’s locked in forever. You feel it in your gut!!

That feeling resides in your soul and becomes infectious!! Your aura grows bigger an brighter. It transmits from your soul and touches the hearts of others. It begins a chain reaction you never would have fathomed. It spreads across the earth in one swift motion.

The power of love can light up the whole world even on the darkest of nights.

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