I just want the pain to stop. I want the unnecessary pain inflicted on every corner of this earth to stop. You see the burning sensation I feel inside is not self hurt. I am on the verge of bursting into a million pieces because all I see is pain and suffering world wide. Children being robbed of the bright light that once use to shine from their eyes. Killing of innocent women and children. People being chased out of their countries and homes all because greed and power has spread through the veins of those that oppress us. When we going looking for humanity in times of need it is no where to be found! Why?!?! Why are people not allowed even some of their simplest human rights?!?! what makes some more privileged than others?! Money?! I say to hell with the money and power!!!! I’m tired of just sitting around and watching those suffering. I’m tired of saying I want to help make a difference and not taking a step forward! Yes donating and supporting is great, but we need to get our hands dirty we need to help pick up the pieces when those that have fallen and can’t get back up. We need to be able to work hand in hand. Saying we want to do something compared to actually performing the task at hand are 2 completely different things. We need to be that ray of hope that there is some sort of humanity left on this earth.

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